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Open Every Tuesday, Thursday and Friday

10.30am - 1.30pm

Kesgrave Scout Hall

Twelve Acre Approach IP5 1JF

(Next door to Rhymes Nursery)



Cheese OR Ham £2.50

Tuna Mayonnaise

OR Ham & Cheese £2.80

Bacon £2.80

Sausage £2.80

Bacon and Sausage £3.50

Served on a choice of white or wholemeal bread with a salad garnish and kettle crisps.

Why not have your sandwich TOASTED

for an extra 20p!

Baked Potatoes

Cheese OR Baked Beans £2.80

Tuna Mayonnaise £3.00

Cheese & Baked beans £3.00

Served with a salad garnish.

* * * * * Today’s Specials * * * * *

Cakes, Pastries

 And Savouries

Slice of cake £1.00

Fruit Scone with butter £1.00

Cheese scone with butter £1.00

Sausage Roll £1.20

Hot Drinks

Coffee 80p

Cafetiere £1.40

Tea 60p

Hot Chocolate 80p

Cold Drinks

Squash  (Orange or Blackcurrant)  40p

Fruit Juice (Apple or Orange) 80p

Milk 60p

Canned drinks (at counter) 80p